John Kordich

Really excited to see how Obama does tomorrow.  I’m not truly an Obama supporter (even though I like him personally), but I’m a scientist at heart and republicans have been pandering to the anti-science population for way too long.  This has lead to basically every republican in popular media claiming that “Romney will win!”, when anyone who takes a reasonable look at the polling data comes to a much different conclusion.

The hatred spewed by republicans at scientists like Nate Silver has been utterly ridiculous.  I hope the republican party distances itself from the anti-science population; it will make the US (and indirectly, the world) a better place.

Reviewing design patterns

Along with the great textbooks “Head First Design Patterns” and the gang of four design patterns book, I’ve found these code project pages to be quite useful as summaries:

Preparing for Interviews

In preparation for my interviews on Monday and Tuesday, I’ve been reviewing the C++ STL.  These lectures are great as Lavavej is a superb teacher:

GitTip, the open company concept, and human society

If you are unsure what an “open company” is, please refer to this post

Having found this on Hacker News, which is notoriously hyper-entrepreneurial, I was skeptical towards its “open culture” spirit, but I was pleasantly surprised by how thoughtful this concept really is.

An open company is quite different than what humans presently consider to be a company.  The market price of a product produced by an open company should be the exact price that it costs to produce it and distribute it.  Moreover, it doesn’t pay its employees.  Which automatically begs the question: How do its employees survive? We’re all human, we need food, water, shelter, transportation, health care, etc.  All of these are goods and services which require money to purchase (at least in the US).

This is a serious concern, but it elucidated to me a valuable insight about businesses.  Why shouldn’t those who provide value to humans be given the necessities of life? (But I think it is also important to consider the question: why shouldn’t any human, regardless of the value they produce, be given the necessities of life?)  More on this in the future.


Gittip is not just another web app or start-up, it’s a new kind of company. I’m calling it an “open company,” and here are its three defining characteristics:

  1. Maximizes transparency. An open company develops all of its products publicly, and freely shares all of its intellectual property….